TEAlive android app for monitoring ASD

PI: Ángel Carracedo

Start/end date: 2017-2018

Tealive is a digital tool aimed at families of people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders), with the aim of becoming an indispensable instrument for the personalized monitoring and over time of patients who present symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsivity and associated inattention

This Android application also allows to organize visually the data collected in graphical reports facilitating an analysis of the evolutionary course. For this, the information record is based on simple and standardized clinical scales frequently used in care practice, which is why we consider it to be very useful and acceptable among medical professionals and families. Tealive is designed so that all of them have objective measures that help assess therapeutic intervention in practice is proving effective.

In all cases where additional drug treatment is required, TEAlive!also provides information on the possible benefits and side effects associated with the medication. In addition to the application, it is equipped with an alert generation system that warns of possible clinical problems and / or the presence of adverse effects to request a medical consultation.

Team: Maria Taboada, Lorena Gómez Guerrero , Montserrat Fernández Prieto, Aitana Alonso González, Ana Latorre y Olalla Maroñas, Esther Sande, Javier Rey Carbón