EUROFORGEN-NoE Summer School: Working in a Forensic Genetics Laboratory



Project coordinator (PC):Schneider, Peter M. (UHC) Grant Agreement Nº:285487
Call: FP7 – SEC-2011.7.4-1 Scheme: Network of Excellence
Total budget: 6,613.681,00€ Start date: 01/01/2013 Term: 5 years
Web site:
Project summary: The main objective of the European Forensic Genetics Network of Excellence is the creation of a European Virtual Centre of Forensic Genetic Research. The Centre aims to evolve into a European-wide platform for the coordination and promotion of research and training activities, as well as for the public dissemination of results of high profile research. The network project is executed during five years between 2012 and 2016. It will help to establish stable collaborative structures to facilitate the exchange of information between research institutions, stakeholders and endusers, as well as to disseminate the network activities to the public, and to ensure long-term sustainability in this young discipline field of forensic science.

Key Words: Forensic genetics research, innovative field, applied science, virtual network, collaborative platform/ structure(s), training and education, DNA databases, predictive methods,crime, citizens/ society’s security.


Partner Name Acronym Type/ Category
1 Institute of Legal Medicine,

Klinikum – University of Cologne (DE)

UHC Public/ healthcare & research
2 University of Santiago de Compostela (ES) USC Public/ higher education & research
3 Institute of Legal Medicine,

University of Oslo (NO)



Public/ higher education & research
4 Section of Forensic Genetics, Department of Legal Medicine, Faculty of Life Sciences,

University of Copenhagen(DK)

UCPH Public/ higher education & research
5 Netherlands Forensic Institute, The Hague (NL) NFI Public/ higher education & research
6 Institute of Legal Medicine ,

Medizinische Universität Innsbruck (AT)

IMU Public/higher education & research
7 Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NO) UMB Public/ higher education& research
8 Institute of Forensic Research,

Jagellonian University(PL)

IFR/ UJ Public/ higher education & reseach
9 University of Northumbria (UK) UNN Public/ higher education & reseach
10 Epiontis GmbH, Berlin(DE) EPTS Private/ research
11 GABO :milliarium mbH&KG, Munich (DE) GABO:mi Private/ IT consulting
12 King’s College, London (UK) KCL Public/ higher education & research

TEAM (*)

Surname Name Title/ Position Entity
Schneider Peter M. Department Head,

Prof of Molecular Genetics / PC

Carracedo Álvarez Angel Department Head,

Professor, MD, PhD/ PI

Guillén Margarita Doctor in Law and judge SpanishJustice administration
          Lareu Huidobro Mª Victoria Prof of Legal Medicine, PhD (CEGEN) USC
         Phillips Christopher Sr. Researcher, PhD, SNP typing program USC
         Salas Antonio Ass. Prof., Population Genetics USC
         Sánchez-Diz Paula Sr. Researcher, PhD USC
         Brión María Sr. Researcher, PhD USC
Gill Peter Prof. of Forensic Genetics,MD, PhD/ PI UIO
Snydercombe Court Denise Reader in Forensic Science,