Xulio M. Maside Rodríguez


Associate MD Professor in the University of Santiago de Compostela, where he has been aRamón y Cajal Researcher from 2004 to 2009 and where he teachesLegal Ethical Issuesof the Occupation, Law and Bioethics, Bioethics and Legislation andGenomics and Genetics of Diseases. He is the main researcher of the emerging group of e Comparative Genomics of Human Parasites of the IDIS.

Previously, he has beena Research Fellow at the Wellcome Trust Centre and at the ICAPB of the University of Edinburgh (BBSRC ResearchFellow and TMR – Marie Curie Postdoctoral ResearchFellow).

His area of research is Evolutionary genetics and weuse tools of classical genetics, population genetics and new sequencing technologies to study biological diversity.

In this line of work he collaborates actively with the groups of Mariano Higes Pascual and Raquel Martín Hernández (Laboratoryof Bee Pathology, CIAPA, Guadalajara), Paulino Martínez Portela and Laura Sánchez (Universityof Santiago de Compostela), Horacio Naveira and Roberto Bao Casal (University of A Coruña), Teresa Palomeque (University of Jaén), Pilar de la Rúa (University of Murcia) and Brian Charlesworthe and Peter Keightley (University of Edinburgh)


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